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They are searching for aliens out there

They are searching for aliens out there.
Are they good or are they bad?!
They want to know how the earth was made.
When a thunderstorm comes they are afraid.
They walk on the moon and they fly in space.
They ask themselves who will win the motor race.
They want to know if there is life on mars.
They search space for new stars.
They are afraid when someboday has the bomb
and in despair when stock market breaks down.
They search for God and the right way of life.
They are afraid when children strife.
But I want to know: "will she go out with me?"
I'm afraid she says: "Oh, no!" You see!
They want to know why people do crimes.
They think about asteroid defense.
They try to make blind people see.
Oh please, Baby, go out with me.