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Positive Vibes

Because I like it

When I took notice I am on earth I was born in a large white room.
Sometimes I cried because I heard the thoughts of people.
I couldn’t believe most people had no idea why we are here.
I am here because I like it so much here.
I am here in this sweet warm atmosphere.
My dear I really love to have you near.
It’s clear my dear I love it here.
I promised myself I will never forget who we are and why we are here.
I grew up and then I forgot. My smile faded more and more.
Now I am here and I do what I have learned to do.
But sometimes I remember and than I am happier than ever.
I like to walk with my legs. I like to talk with my voice.
It’s nice to see with my eyes. And I love to smell… you.
And I like to dance and I like to sing. And I want to feel the real thing.
Jump with me. Laugh with me. And I love to see… the sea.