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Positive Vibes

Make dreams real

My dreams are my paradise inside me.
I can dream them or I can make them real.
It's up to me, only up to me.
I feel so bad when I see people
losing their dreams on the way.
My dreams are what I want to feel
and who I really want to be in this world.
Dreams should come true.
I should live my dreams
or life is not how it was planned to be.
I know I can live my dreams and
I know I can be who I want to be.
I just have to bring it out of me
into this world by attracting it with all of my love.
I remember my dreams when I was a child.
I knew for sure they would come true.
I had no doubts. But what happened?
Never say "I can't do this".
Never listen to somebody
who says "you can't do this".